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Brikolite AAC blocks are the smartest choice for your construction needs.

A certified green building material Brikolite AAC blocks  takes you a step closer to sustaining not only your living spaces but goes a step further to sustain the environment. Carbon emission and toxic fumes which are the pollutants left by traditional red clay bricks have become a serious concern for all today. Brikolite AAC blocks are manufactured using energy efficient methods and uses fly ash as resource material.Today waste disposal is a environmentalist’s nightmare, Brikolite AAC blocks by using fly ash minimizes waste disposal. Development of living spaces is going on at a rapid speed but the question that remains is how sustainable can we make it. We have to remember that we have not inherited the world we have only borrowed it from our children.

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Technical Specification

Brikolite bricks offers green solutions for sustainable living.
Green Buildings
The new age building blocks that reduces carbon footprints.
Pest Resistant
Cost effective, easy installation, resistant to pests.
Blocks that keep you safe from fire and minimizes damages.
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We believe that our actions speak a lot more than our words. Our vision, our mission and our values are evidenced in our recent projects. Building for the present generation as well as the future.

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Brikolite Services

We are ready to help you understand the technical aspects of Brikolite AAC Blocks and help you finish your projects with ease.

Site Survey
On site survey to give you expert guidance about Brikolite AAC products.
Estimate of Quantity
Accurate estimate of quantity, cuts cost and saves time.
Training To Masons
Professional training to masons cuts cost further.
Cost Saving Analysis
Cost Saving Analysis helps masons learn to work responsibly.
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Our Home Owners Say


“We chose Brikolite AAC blocks for our home as they are more seismically friendly and they also provide a better structure, thermal insulation and greater resistance to fire”.


“The Brikolite AAC block walls of our home self-adjusts to the humidity by absorbing moisture and releasing humidity automatically, this helps prevent condensation and problems related to mildew. Now we have a hassle free home.”

Understanding the Green Concept

Trusted Partners

Our professionalism and continued endeavor to meet the requirements of timely delivery of an extremely durable green building material has earned us the trust and support of our clients.



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